To create the graphics design communication for the brand Ligna, an emerging company that offers translation and linguistic services in general, nationally and internationally, for a communicative, technological and casual public. After the conceptualization, its representation was created through the logoand visual identity, in addition to applications such as business cards printed and digital, email signatures, responsive trilingual website, social networks and an institutional catalogue.


In Latin, lignum means "firewood", in the singular. Ligna is the plural of lignum, that is, "firewood", in the plural.

Each line in a cross section of a tree trunk tells part of its story, because in the hot seasons of the year it grows more than in the cold seasons, forming these layers as in image above.

In addition to a very welcome sound and a simple and interesting spelling, this name was thought to refer to various aspects related to trees, such as roots, soil, trunks, branches, leaves, fruits, sky etc. These elements have a rich metaphorical sense to create associations, as we will see below.

Name: Ligna
Site Domain:
Main email:

Tagline: Linguage Services
Slogan: Branch out
Social networks in Portuguese: @lignalink
Social networks in English: @lignaenglish


Seeking to expand the meaning through research inspired by trees, it was defined for the brand Ligna the concept "Connections and Branches. ".

Languages ​​branched off and gave rise to new languages. Professionals connect with clients, form partnerships, networking. Constellations were perceived through connections between their points. Lightning, river tributaries and branches fork. Roots and fungi form mycelial networks underground. Veins and arteries subdivide, running through the entire human body. Families connect, reproduce and leave their descendants, as in family trees. Molecules are composed from the connection of atoms, also forming chemical compounds that react with each other. Computer integrated circuits and the internet itself. The Theory of Evolution, and more!




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Responsive trilingual website

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Client's testimonials

Pedro designed a website and visual identity for our business, and I was impressed by the commitment, patience, and professionalism he showed over months of work. He welcomes all feedback and delivers creative solutions to accommodate his clients’ needs. I recommend his services to anyone looking for a competent designer, and will look no further for similar jobs in the future.”

Fabrício Ferreira

I got just the tailor-made work I wanted, but it was no miracle. I was guided by a thorough, straightforward, and effective creative process that made it easy to articulate my requirements and ideas and watch as his work ripened every step of the way. It was nothing like the soulless, detached designs out there. I trust Pedro personally and professionally and will certainly come back to him for future projects.”

Lucas Magdiel

From project day one, Pedro has gone out of his way to deliver designs that profoundly convey the brief in every detail and goes brilliantly above and beyond. His working style, the ongoing exchanges, his synergy with the client, his diligence in fully delivering the commission to absolutely professional standards… Just the perfect balance of expertise, hard work, talent, insight, and inspiration.”

Mayra Borges
~ Translator, proofreader and interpreter ~
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