Escrita Descomplicada – O Escrever como Potência (EN)


Develop sequential posters for a course taught by Vânia Vidal, a writer, translator and proofreader. Vânia came to me because she understands the differential that graphic design brings in terms of results in the dissemination and sale of products and services. After a rich development process, we arrived at a result that impresses and fulfills the objective, leaving the client satisfied, according to the testimonial at the end of this page.


One of the ways to refer to potency is through flames. Like the strength of the sun. Like the power of combustion engines. Through the symbologies of light, heat and renewal that fire brings. Thus, an association was made with the creative writing process, which, when stimulated, can bring out a whole dormant power.

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"Online class" version ("Turma online")


For the online class, taking advantage in part of what has been developed so far, this time the concept of color explosion was conceived, referring to to the screens of electronic devices where courses in this new modality were taught.

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Client's testimonial

I looked for Pedro Henrique to make posters to publicize my courses, as well as a curriculum and portfolio. Couldn’t have chosen better! Very empathetic in the relationship with the client, Pedro has a work of rare beauty, delicacy and vigor. In addition, he is very attentive to deadlines and brings the client results of accurate quality and beauty! I highly recommend!”

Vânia Vidal

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