Develop the entire design part, both the cover and pages, of the book Dança do Sagrado Ventre - Uma Dança de Curar, by author Luana Medeiros; in addition to other graphic pieces such as a poster and a certificate.

Through a rich process that involved stages such as dialogue, research, observation and refinement of ideas, we arrived at a result that impresses; leaving the customer satisfied, as shown in the testimonials received from her at the bottom of this page.

Every detail of the book was carefully designed, such as the choice of format, paper type, fonts, spacing, information hierarchy, photo treatment, decorative elements, etc.


After the briefing and information gathering, analysis of similar and other procedural steps, we guided the choices of this project referring to the old, knowledge and wisdom , the sacred of the feminine, ancestral wealth, strength with delicacy and dance strong>.


Cover's assets

Cover design


Page design

Launch poster

Book sample

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Turn the pages below:

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Client's testimonial

Thank you for your patience in preparing the book, as it was very challenging to structure it with the beauty I wanted over eight years of work. The whim, zeal and care with the work were incredible, as well as the creativity that was added to everything I envisioned as a structure. I tried to transport people who read it to what the Sacred Belly Dance is: a healing temple. I am grateful for the whole process and partnership.”

Luana Medeiros
~ Systemic, integrative therapist and fortune teller~

I value sensitivity, authenticity and creativity in all my work. Thanks to Pedro for accepting my more “extravagant” ideas and synthesizing them in unique and whimsical certificates. The beauty and delicacy in the work, the whim and welcoming of my ideas in a calm and receptive way, helped a lot for the result so beautiful and full of life that emerged at the end.”

Luana Medeiros
~ Systemic, integrative therapist and fortune teller~

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