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To create a logo and its basic applications for Douglas Melo, an accountant and finance consultant from the city of Morro Agudo de Goiás, because he understands the differential that a service provided by a professional graphics designer can bring. After the entire creation process, from briefing (requirements gathering) to delivery, going through research, sketches and finishing, the client was satisfied, according to his testimonial at the end of this page.


Personality, stability and growth . A competent accounting consultancy is essential for any activity.  Development and expansion, more than just being sustainable, always presenting better pictures than the previous ones. Douglas Melo is a competent professional and committed with the results of his work.

Research and inspiration


Development of the logo


The tiger is an animal that can represent characteristics such as strength, courage and vigor, exuberant in its orange, black and white colors. In the context of finance, it was used to represent emerging eastern countries undergoing a rapid process of economic development - the Four Asian Tigers: Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

The twilight, which is the moment when the Sun is touching the horizon, either at sunrise or at sunset, among the various colors involved in the phenomenon, a color tahat stands out is orange, representing here also the strength of the star that illuminates the path, that warms and around which our planet moves regularly and orderly, just as financial management ideally should be.


Digital posters

Client's testimonial

I looked for Pedro on the recommendation of a friend: she showed me one of his works which motivated me hire him. He created my logo, gave me all the support. He is very creative and a good professional. My brand gained more prominence, this motivated me to publicize my business. I sponsored local soccer teams, printed caps, my company gained an identity. All of this is important for any business. I recommend him!”

Douglas Melo
~ Financial advisor and accountant ~

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