Develop the logo for the brand Catavento (which means "Whirligig" in Portuguese), a circus company based in Goiânia (GO) that operates in the artistic and circus training areas.

After a rich and complete creative process, from the briefing to the completion of the final proposal, we arrived at a result that has been praised in recent years, according to the testimonial of the client to the end of this page.

Here you can see details about the construction of the logo as well as the various applications in which it has been used since then.


From the briefing with the client Felipe Nicknig, we have: "A Catavento is a circus company specializing in aerial acrobatics. It is driven by the concern and investigation of what the contemporary circus is and its creation process. From this process come shows, performances, etc".

Felipe still reiterates: "An innovative company that makes experimentation and improvisation its vault of creation with smoothness and fluidity."

The creation of the symbol

Circus tent
Golden Ratio

Circus tent

Image search converging on a pattern.


Diversity and also convergence in research.

Golden Ratio or Fibonacci Sequence

The quest for the perfect shape!


Symbol design


Logo composition

Writing the name with the typography "Fonarto"

Adjustment for the letter "C" to have a curve like the letter "e", giving more the idea of spin and acrobatics:

Addition of the description (tagline) with the typography "Linux Libertine":

Adequacy of the symbol to have unity with the letters (typography):

Final result:

Poster for the show "Ao Esperar"

Possibility of poster for the presentation.

Acrobatic apparatus
Sunset in Goiânia on 85th avenue
Viaduct Latif Sebba

Application simulations:

Below are examples of use of the logo after delivery, developed by other professionals.

Company front




Article in newspaper


Client's testimonial

We were lucky to meet Pedro Henrique in the context of our rebranding efforts. He is a professional who adeptly brought our ideas alive and conveyed them in unexpected ways! He was very friendly and met the deadlines we agreed. Our logo continues to draw praise to this day. The new visual identity reflects our essence and accurately translates our corporate values into the visual and interactive design!”

Felipe Nicknig
~ Circus artist, teacher and director ~

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