Pedro Henrique (EN)

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Pedro Henrique (PH). I have higher education in Graphic Design and several complementary courses in related areas, in addition to almost 15 years of professional experience, initially working in the creation of websites, then in the market editorial, later in the printing and finishing graphics sector. I currently work as a self-employed in brand design and several of its applications.

Discipline Monitor

During my undergraduate studies, I was a monitor for two subjects: Graphic Processes, with professor Joelson Santos de Souza and Multimedia Design, with professor Diogo Maia.

Student Design Movement

During my undergraduate studies, I was an active member and director of the Academic Technology Center and Design (cated), actively working in the search for improvements for fellow design students with the Faculty's coordination and management.

Event Organization

Still during this period, I was on the organizing committee of Design events, such as Seintegra! (Integrated Design Week) in the 2013 editions, 2014 and 2015, in addition to N_Design (ENE - National Meeting of Design Students) in Goiânia in 2014.

Graduation in Graphic Design

Grid of subjects of my degree in Graphic Design at Faculdade de Tecnologia Senac Goiás:

Module 1

  • Graphic Processes - 66h
  • Graphic Expression - 66h
  • Color and Visual Perception - 66h
  • Digital Image Processing - 32h
  • Vector Drawing - 32h
  • Methodology - 66h
  • Typography - 50h

Module 2

  • Print Design - 133h
  • Sustainability in Design - 50h
  • Communication in Design - 66h
  • Typographic Composition - 50h
  • Design History - 50h
  • Layout - 66h
  • Illustration - 50h

Module 3

  • Multimedia Design - 133h
  • Culture and Social Media - 33h
  • Interface and Usability - 50h
  • Digital Audio and Video - 50h
  • Graphic Animation - 66h
  • Photography - 66h

Module 4

  • Corporate Design - 133h
  • Sign Design - 66h
  • Packaging Design - 66h
  • Contemporary Design - 33h
  • Marketing - 66h

Module 5

  • TCC - Course Conclusion Paper - 250h
  • Business and Enterprises - 50h
  • Sociology - 50h

Complementary Courses

How I have sought to expand my knowledge and experience since graduating in Graphic Design:

  • Branding I to V  | Guilherme Sebastiany (Brandster)
  • Strategic Communication Planning - Coletivo Centopeia | Juliana França
  • The Naming Strategy | Guilherme Sebastiany (Brandster)
  • How Name Registration Works | Guilherme Sebastiany (Brandster)
  • Visual Identity in Branding | Guilherme Sebastiany (Brandster)
  • Strategic Visual Identity | Bruno Jankowisk (Brandster)
  • Calligraphy - Coletivo Centopeia | Andréa Branco
  • Modular Typography - GO Type | Érico Lebedenco
  • Creating a Website from Scratch in WordPress | Brunão Sousa (Doubly)
  • Responsive web-design - Not in California | Rhawbert Costa (Nitrocorpz)
  • UX Weekend (User Experience) - PontoGet Corworking | Edu Agni
  • Social Media Marketing (10 courses in 1) | Udemy
  • Team Leadership - Senac GO | Adriana Paiva Veiga


A little about my journey told through photographs:


Some of the brands that I work for or have worked for:

Why "Oito" and an octopus as a symbol?

"Oito" means "eight" in Portuguese, and octopuses have eight tentacles. Inspired by this I also selected eight of their habilities that I relate to professionally:

Furthermore, coincidentally (or not), the ideal pH for octopuses (acidity of sea water) is precisely Eight (8)!

Eight services, too!

Just like eight characteristics in octopuses, I organized the services I offer into eight categories:
(Brand strategy)
Name and
Verbal Identity
Logo and Visual Identity
Trademark Registration
at Brazilian INPI
Website Creation
and E-commerce
Social media management
Editorial design
graphics design


Below, a selection of Eight works I developed. Click the button below them to see others.

Testimonials (shorts)

What do clients say about me and my work?

He expressed our essence and knew how to project the company’s philosophy in a visual and interactive way!”

Filipe Nicknig
Circus artist, teacher and director

Very empathetic in his relationship with the client, Pedro’s work is of rare beauty, delicacy and vigor.”

Vânia Vidal
Writer, proofreader and translator


Sustainability, Design and Daily Life

The world population is growing and has already surpassed seven billion inhabitants. For UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), by 2050, when the world population is expected to reach nine billion, three planets will be needed to meet human needs. What does that mean? That the way we live is not sustainable and that if we do not urgently rethink the relationship between consumption and the environment, we will face very serious crises on a global scale in the coming decades.

How can Graphic Design act for the good of the Environment and Social Development?

After briefly introducing the graphic designer's skills and showing possible ways in which he can associate his professional performance with the environment and society, two practical case studies will be shown where academic knowledge from various areas were applied in real situations, seeking to shape directly the reality of our country, which we can also consider a type of Environmental Re-Education.

See all: 


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