Who am I?

Hello, my name is Pedro Henrique, from Brazil. I have a degree in Graphic Design and I have several complementary courses in related areas.

I work with graphic design since 2010, having worked in newspapers, printers and information technology companies, including in team leadership positions.

Currently my work is totally autonomous, in which I develop a trustworthy professional relationship with my clients, as well as satisfaction in relation to the results delivered.

Why "oito" and an octopus?

"Oito" means "eight" in Brazilian Portuguese. Octopuses have eight tentacles, giving them a great ability to perform tasks. In addition, they have several abilities that make them unique survivors in the wild, both in self-defense against predators and in capturing prey. See which of its eight characteristics inspired me as a professional:

Eight services, too!

As well as eight features in octopuses, I also observed eight services I currently offer as a graphic designer:

Brand Strategy

"Branding means endowing products and services with the power of a brand." [Kotler]

Naming and Verbal Identity

Process of creating names for brands, and all its auxiliary language.

Logo and Visual Identity

Graphic elements that define, differentiate and position a brand.

Editorial: Graphic Design and Layout

Organization of information in a delimited space, following an identity.

Web Design:
Website Creation

Development of front-end interfaces for brands, following best practices.

Management of Social Networks

Strategy, creation and monitoring of media on platforms.

Art Editing and Digital Compositing

Direction and creative production using texts and graphics.

Posters, Resumes
and Infographics

Development of complex graphic pieces, prioritizing information.


As I've already talked a little about myself, how about now checking out what my clients say about me as a professional?

Pedro’s name came up in a conversation with a colleague about the importance of a good resume for prospecting jobs. The referral translated into trust, expertise, and quality. Pedro works carefully through the project with the client and captures every detail to deliver consistent ‘products’ with quality. Moreover, the value he delivers for the money makes customers want to come back.”

Priscilla Kern
~ Researcher, art educator and project manager ~

I got just the tailor-made work I wanted, but it was no miracle. I was guided by a thorough, straightforward, and effective creative process that made it easy to articulate my requirements and ideas and watch as his work ripened every step of the way. It was nothing like the soulless, detached designs out there. I trust Pedro personally and professionally and will certainly come back to him for future projects.”

Lucas Magdiel

Since 2013 I’ve relied on Pedro’s design expertise to create brands, ads, and forms for projects with the Research Foundation and Federal University of Bahia. These brands reflect the essence of the projects and have earned a reputation in the academic community and other communities linked to the projects. I’m grateful to him for his high standards of professionalism and punctuality throughout.”

Inacilma Andrade
~ Teacher of Accounting Sciences ~
Currículo Lattes

Pedro is the fastest, most professional and skilled designer I’ve ever met. He’s super friendly and helpful and communicates effectively. Even when we can’t explain what we are looking for, he works it out with us and delivers more than we think possible! I knew the deadline was tight so I didn’t set my expectations high. But he amazed me with the best website I could have dreamed of!”

Samir Berardo
~ Ancient Karate Instructor ~

I have worked with Pedro on many occasions and strongly recommend his services. He’s created name, logo, visual identity, website, social media, slide shows, news bulletin, learning resources, leaflets, and a flawless layout for my resume, exceeding my expectations at all times. Besides his skills and creativity, he is courteous, intuitive, and punctual. He also welcomes criticism and offers flexible payment terms.”

Vânia Vidal

I worked with Pedro on a few occasions, and on all of them he proved competent, proactive, knowledgeable, creative, and many other qualities. I’ve continued to follow his freelance career, and my opinion hasn’t changed. Pedro is a keen learner and never stopped building on his knowledge after he got his degree. He is also a great, loyal friend I know I can rely on.”

Thiago Dornelas

I asked Pedro to create a resume and a promotional poster. The creative process was very productive. Pedro is a diligent worker with an inquiring mind, and his ideas go above and beyond the brief. He keeps up with current trends and has discerning taste, delivering appealing, original, smart solutions. I was happy with the result. Recommended.”

Bruno Badia

My experience with Pedro was very positive. I was starting a business with a brand created by myself. But it lacked character because I’m not a professional. Pedro redesigned it in a way that was perfectly suited to my line of business. He carefully walked me through his creative process and explained how the brand he was creating could enhance my business, which eventually proved true.”

Rodrigo Fernandes

I asked for a professional-looking local news website and was amazed at the outcome! The job was delivered on time and the level of creative insight it reflected exceeded my expectations. For the logo design, Pedro impressed me with a thorough audience and industry research. Not to mention the outstanding service, and all of this for a fair price. Brilliant job, I really appreciate it!”

Ana Carolina

Pedro designed a website and visual identity for our business, and I was impressed by the commitment, patience, and professionalism he showed over months of work. He welcomes all feedback and delivers creative solutions to accommodate his clients’ needs. I recommend his services to anyone looking for a competent designer, and will look no further for similar jobs in the future.”

Fabrício Ferreira

I asked Pedro to take care of my business’s entire branding process from naming and logo to the design of the learning resources, stationery, and website. I was very happy with the result and highly recommend his services! Everything was done carefully and studiously. Pedro worked closely with me and got me involved in everything to ensure my brand genuinely had my signature.”

Lucas Bertoche
~ Administrator, consultant and entrepreneur ~

Pedro did a very professional branding job for me. Before setting out to work he asked a lot of questions and discussed my needs in detail. He wanted to establish my exact goals with the brand and the range of services I was going to provide. Then he patiently worked with me over many exchanges around my hectic schedule, and took everything in to expertly craft the brand design. He nailed it at the first try.”

Márcia Leite
~ Vegan Chef and Reforestation Farmer ~

Pedro and I worked together for NGO Servindo Amor three years ago. He followed my briefing for the naming and logo design, set up and managed our social media accounts for some time, built our website, designed stickers, invitations etc. It was gratifying how much he cared about what we do, our charity work, and wanted to convey that in the logo and on our social media. He’s very professional and highly recommended!”

Juliana Gomes

From project day one, Pedro has gone out of his way to deliver designs that profoundly convey the brief in every detail and goes brilliantly above and beyond. His working style, the ongoing exchanges, his synergy with the client, his diligence in fully delivering the commission to absolutely professional standards… Just the perfect balance of expertise, hard work, talent, insight, and inspiration.”

Mayra Borges
~ Translator, proofreader and interpreter ~

I decided to boost my career in photography with a brand that could help me stand out. I knew how much the visual identity reflects on one’s professional image, so I turned to Pedro. From our very first contact he advised me on the best strategy to achieve a tailor made result. I was very happy with the job he did. I feel my brand reflects who I am personally and professionally and is completely in line with my work.”

Giovanna Gagno

We needed a clearer strategy to promote the ecovillage and a website with relevant information. Pedro guided us on content and structure all the way. We trusted his judgment as a professional designer to come up with the best layout. He delivered a visually appealing website with a good look and feel. Plus, he is very approachable and responsive to our queries. Thank you for the superb job, we loved it!”

Saga de Cristo

We were lucky to meet Pedro Henrique in the context of our rebranding efforts. He is a professional who adeptly brought our ideas alive and conveyed them in unexpected ways! He was very friendly and met the deadlines we agreed. Our logo continues to draw praise to this day. The new visual identity reflects our essence and accurately translates our corporate values into the visual and interactive design!”

Felipe Nicknig
~ Circus artist, teacher and director ~

I met Pedro at one the first companies I worked for. We learned many things together and I shared some of my expertise as a Graphic Design graduate. This encouraged him to pursue a career in design, one he has since embraced passionately with hard work and professionalism. I always recommend him to my clients and employers. He’ll go a long way!”

Fabiana Pereira


The following are eight of some of the main works I've developed.


Feel free to use the form below to send me a message, ask questions and so on.

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